Environment and Public Health Organisation

Established in 1990, ENPHO is a service-oriented, scientific, national Non-Governmental organization that envisages contributing in sustainable community development by combining research and actions through the integrated programs in the areas of environment and public health. ENPHO runs a government accredited laboratory and promotes eco-friendly technologies such as SODIS, ECOSAN toilets and waste water treatment through reed bed systems.


ENPHO develops and promotes integrated community based approaches endorsing safe water, sustainable sanitation, solid waste management, hygiene behavior and improving indoor air, and environmental and air quality monitoring to create healthy societies. Furthermore, knowledge-based education and advocacy campaigns help on achieving ENPHO’s mission.



Creating Eco-Societies



To develop, demonstrate and disseminate (3-D) appropriate technologies to enable societies become healthy and environment friendly.



To support environmental study, sustainable total sanitation, hygiene practices and safe drinking water contributing to meet the national target.


Strategic objectives

  • To scale up promotion of environmental and sustainable sanitation systems
  • To ensure improved access to safe drinking water
  • To promote integrated water optimization technologies
  • To enhance knowledge on hygiene behavior and sanitation practices
  • To promote and implement WASH in emergencies


In order to achieve its goal of promoting eco-friendly societies, ENPHO has set the following strategies:


  • Conduct research and develop appropriate technologies that are acceptable to local communities using local resources
  • Demonstrate eco-friendly technologies and practices.
  • Develop and implement effective strategies to promote eco-friendly technologies.
  • Network with partners for coordination and advocacy
  • Enhance organizational capacity
  • Develop local capacities through ENPHI


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