ENPHO Training Center


Since 1990, ENPHO has been involved in building capacity of community, groups and organizations through various capacity building trainings. ENPHO started organizing systematic training events by establishing Water Expertise and Training Centre (WET-C) in 2008 with technical support of Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST). Now, a separate unit named Training Centre, with wide scope of work on WASH, has been established under the Knowledge Management division of ENPHO. The unit strongly believes that capacity building of community people and organization is very crucial for carrying out the development activities effectively and with sustainability.  Hence, the Training Centre conducts various capacity building trainings and events with the objective of developing effective WASH training professionals capable to deliver the WASH training effectively.


The main objective of Training Centre unit is to develop effective WASH training professionals who can deliver WASH trainings event in effective way to influence community people to improve existing and adapt new WASH behaviors.

ENPHO Training Centre delivers trainings in participatory way by creating safe learning environment so that the participants can explore their skills and enhance their knowledge. The training events specifically focus on the ways through which the participants can effectively impart information to the targeted community people by applying participatory tools and techniques. The well prepared training manuals have considerably supported for this.

In coordination with ENPHO Resource Centre, the Training Centre unit also produces various training materials which are extensively used while delivering trainings. These training materials aid in effective delivery of messages.

Staff Profile

S.N Name Designation
1 Mr. Ash Kumar Khaitu Training Center Manager
2 Ms. Lerica Gorkhali Documentation Officer
3 Ms. Chandra Shova Khaitu EPD Officer
4 Ms. Shobha Rana WASH Training Officer
5 Mr. Hari Bahadur Budhathoki Assistance Technical Officer
6 Mr. Subash K. C. WASH Training Officer
7 Ms. Sabuna Gamal Assistant WASH Training Officer