ENPHO Training Centre


Since 1990, ENPHO has been involved in building capacity of community, groups and organizations through various capacity building trainings. Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) provides a learning platform that designs and delivers professional training programmes using innovative tools for capacity development at community and organizational levels. Since its establishment, ENPHO has been focusing on transferring innovative solutions, approaches, knowledge and skills at various levels through capacity building interventions.

In 2008, ENPHO with the technical support of Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) established Water Expertise and Training Centre (WET-Centre) to deliver trainings in more systematic manner. Later in 2015, a separate unit named “ENPHO Training Centre” was established under the Knowledge Management Division of ENPHO and this unit has been conducting the capacity building programs for the community people and organizations on various Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) approaches, technologies and solutions. Hence, the Training Centre conducts various capacity building trainings and events with the objective of developing effective WASH training professionals capable to deliver the WASH training effectively.

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The main objective of ENPHO Training Centre can be mentioned as:
⦁ To deliver trainings in participatory way by creating safe learning environment so that the participants can explore their skills and enhance their knowledge.
⦁ To develop effective WASH training professionals who can deliver WASH trainings event in effective way to influence community people to improve existing and adapt new WASH behaviors.
⦁ To produce various training materials which are extensively used while delivering trainings in coordination with ENPHO Resource Centre.

 Announcement of Training Events:

On the basis of need assessment, ENPHO Training Center annually announces series of on-call (scheduled)  training events to capacitate WASH professionals. In continuation of this effort, the Training Centre is organizing a series of training events during this COVID-19 pandemic situation to support in spreading the WASH messages in the community for the prevention of the disease.

Taking precautions and considering the health safety of the participants during this situation, we are conducting online training sessions. The sessions cover specific messages on COVID-19 and WASH targeting various groups of participants so that they can further effectively disseminate the information in their community. Salient features of the trainings conducted by ENPHO Training Center are:

  • Use of effective and practical facilitation methods in online platform;
  • Sense of safe learning environment;
  • Use of session guidelines and instructions prepared for the specified targeted group;
  • High priority to experience sharing and adding value on that even in the PowerPoint presentation.

If you are willing to participate in these online scheduled training or orientations, Please check our Upcoming Events section.

ENPHO announces the following trainings scheduled from January to October 2021.

S.N. Training Title   Duration Date Training Outline
1 Introduction to Faecal Sludge Management 3 Days 25-27 January, 2021 1479220562_pdf  
2 School Disinfection for Resuming 3 Days 8-10 February, 2021 1479220562_pdf  
3 Master Training of Trainers on Delivering Effective WASH Training 5 Days 7-11 March, 2021 1479220562_pdf 
4 Biosand Filter Construction – Project Implementation 5 Days 12-16 April, 2021
5 Total Sanitation (Swastha Approach) 3 Days 9-11 May, 2021  1479220562_pdf 
6 Introduction to Drinking Water Quality Testing 5 Days 7-11 June, 2021 1479220562_pdf  
7 Climate Resilient -Water Safety Plan (CR-WSP) 4 Days 9-12 August, 2021 1479220562_pdf  
8 Community WASH Facilitation 4 Days 12-15 September, 2021  1479220562_pdf   
9 Information, Education and Communication Materials Development 3 Days 11-13 October, 2021  1479220562_pdf  
10 Training of Trainers for BCC (Household Water Treatment) 5 Days 13-17 October, 2021  1479220562_pdf  

Process of Registration 
For participating in the scheduled events: Register the name through the link provided in the event announcement. The announcement will also be made through ENPHO’s Facebook page.

For organizing event: The online session can be conducted on the basis of demand received from the organizations for which the training request form is to be filled. Please click on the link for the request form: http://enpho.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Training-Request-Form.docx

The participation charge will be applicable for all the online sessions for cost recovery. For more detail, drop an email at trainingcentre@enpho.org

For further details regarding the services of the Training Centre, Please Click Here.

Staff Profile

S.N. Name of the Staff Designation Experiences
1 Mr. Ash Kumar Khaitu Training Centre Manager Mr. Ash Kumar Khaitu has diverse knowledge on WASH, project planning, management, implementation, Education package development, Bio-sand filter, DRR and Nutrition. He has more than a decade of experiences in field based Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program, international coordination, international training and social mobilization. Mr. Khaitu repays strong managerial, leadership, coordination and communication skills.
2 Ms. Srijana Karki Senior WASH Officer She has a sound knowledge on Gender and WASH plus it's cross cutting issues and has twelve years’ of working experience on effective training delivery, WASH project implementation along with project planning, management and social mobilization. Ms. Karki also holds strong managerial, leadership, interpersonal communication skills.
3 Ms. Chandra Shova Khaitu EPD Officer Ms. Khaitu has a sound knowledge on education package development along with experiences in community project implementation on WASH. She has seven years of experience in education package development, effective training delivery and community mobilization. She also possesses a good communication and coaching skills.
4 Ms. Shobha Rana WASH Training Officer She has a sound knowledge on WASH, education package development, planning, monitoring, coaching and mentoring and evaluation and has 18 years long experiences in effective training delivering, WASH project implementation, and community mobilization. Ms. Rana also owes strong interpersonal communication.
5 Mr. Subash K. C. WASH Training Officer He has a sound knowledge of WASH, nutrition, and education package development and has twelve years of experience on effective training delivery, Nutrition project management coaching and mentoring. Mr. KC also possesses effective training delivery, strong interpersonal communication and reporting skills.
6 Mr. Debendra Khadka Assistant EPD Officer He has a sound knowledge on WASH, education package development, DRR and child psychology and has eight years of experience on effective training delivery, community WASH project implementation and teaching at higher level. He also owes good reporting and interpersonal communication skill.
7 Mr. Rohit Kumar Dhakal WASH Training Officer Highly accomplished and results-driven I/NGO professional with 12+ years’ extensive experience in mainstreaming WASH, governance and social accountability, project management and capacity development of different stakeholders. Key strengths in accomplishing the program objectives and outcomes within the contextual constraints. Comprehensive skill on planning, manage and construct infrastructure in local level and earthquake affected areas as well. Extensive experience in project planning, design and budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and management of sponsorship funded and grant funded community development projects. Capable to design and implement capacity development activities on WASH, governance and applying social accountability tools. Able to work effectively with different government and non-government stakeholders, people of various cultural backgrounds, ages & socioeconomic statuses with a lasting commitment to human development & community service.
8 Mr. Hari Bahadur Budhathoki Assistance Technical Officer Mr. Budhathoki has a diverse knowledge and skills on Bio-sand filter construction. He has fifteen years of experiences in water purification, especially in filter promotion. He also owes effective training delivery and good communication skills.
9 Ms. Sabuna Gamal Assistant WASH Training Officer She has sound knowledge on WASH and environment and has seven years of experience on effective training delivery, WASH project implementation and youth mobilization. She also owns strong communication, computer and reporting skills.
10 Ms. Rabina Milapati Training Centre Associate Ms. Milapati has a good knowledge on WASH, DRR, GIS and environment and three years of experience in Education Program Development (EPD) and training data management. She possess excellent skills on computer along with communication skill.