EcoConcern Pvt. Ltd., a spin-off social business enterprise of ENPHO


Key functions/services

  • Environmental analysis services: Comprehensive laboratory services for water, soil, food and air
  • Produce and market water and sanitation technologies
  • Design and deliver innovative water and sanitation systems
  • Provide sustainable O&M services in water and sanitation systems




Scaling up sustainable water and sanitation services with EcoConcern Pvt. Ltd., a social business enterprise

ENPHO has had a remarkable 27-year journey on safe water, sustainable sanitation, hygiene promotion, community based WASH, disaster risk reduction and emergency WASH. Over 300 WASH projects have benefitted 4 million people in Nepal. The impact is significant at project level, but the necessary scaling-up and scaling-out beyond project has been less successful. The sustainable supply chain of WASH products and services is weak in the country. The important role of the private sector to deliver long lasting WASH products and services has been well recognized. ENPHO has taken a bold step in setting up Eco Concern Pvt. Ltd. (EcoConcern), a social business enterprise in order to fill the gap between innovation and wide scaling up of WASH services in Nepal and beyond.


ENPHO strongly believes that innovative technologies promoted with a strong business model can address environmental concerns of our people and planet. Appropriate WASH products and services can serve as a synergy of business opportunity and environmental responsibility. Through EcoConcern, ENPHO aims to promote the delivery of safe, eco-friendly and affordable water and sanitation innovations that produce high quality and lasting benefits to consumers and communities in and beyond Nepal.

EcoConcern, a spinoff business company and strategic partner of ENPHO, provides following key services:

  • Environmental analysis services: Comprehensive laboratory analysis services for microbial, chemical and physical analysis of water, waste-water, soil, food and air.
  • Produce and market water and sanitation technologies: Chlorine solutions (Piyush, Piyush+), water test kits, body belt incubators, colloidal silver water filters, biosand filters.
  • Design and deliver innovative water and sanitation systems: drinking water treatment, rain water harvesting, water storage, water recharge and waste water and faecal sludge management.
  • Provide sustainable O&M services in water and sanitation systems



EcoConcern as a partner in

  • Assessment of 30 small-scale decentralized wastewater treatment systems in order to provide long term O&M services
  • Operation and management of Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) at Lubhu, Lalitpur
  • O&M services, technical and management support to operate community based drinking water supply and treatment systems in multiple community managed water systems
  • Design, plan and provide humanitarian WASH assistance during emergencies, in particular after the mega-earthquakes in 2015 (hill districts) and flooding in 2017 (Terai districts).