Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant in Gulariya


Gulariya Municipality faced several challenges during the Open Defecation Free movement. Furthermore, prioritization of the needs to be addressed for the achievement of sustainable sanitation were key in gaining long term health benefits in the area. One of the biggest challenges and needs for the achievement of sustainable sanitation was the construction of faecal sludge management infrastructure for systematic management of sludge in latrine pits and septic tanks within Gulariya municipality.


In line with piloting innovative solutions in sanitation, a Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant has been constructed in Gulariya municipality, Bardiya under the Safa and Swastha Gulariya project. The treatment plant is capable of processing 3 cubic meters of sewage per day and utilizes seven sludge drying beds and single units of settler, anaerobic baffled reactor. Furthermore, 3.7 cubic meters of wastewater flows through the plant per day. Additionally, planted gravel filter (horizontal flow constructed wetland), with a surface area of 28 square meters, processes the overflow wastewater for treatment purposes. The treatment plant benefits over 60,000 individuals, collectively over 10,000 households.