Capturing Every Drop


Many of the water sources in Sindhuli have dried up. As a result, Shree Higher Secondary School, located at Kartike, Ward No. 3, Kapilakot VDC, Sindhuli, have had to face acute water problems. The nearest water source for the area is about an hour’s walk away. The students have had to carry water from home as the water provided by the school is not sufficient. Relatively, the situation has gotten worse after the water sources dried up. The school has hardly been able to cope with this situation as the other sources are located about two and a half hours of walk away. Hence, the students and teachers of Shree Higher Secondary School have had to worry about water rather than concentrating on education.


During the month of September, 2015, ENPHO, with the support of UNICEF, installed a rainwater harvesting system at the school and additionally provided a 6000 liters water storage tank and a bio-sand filter with the capacity of a 1000 liters. Presently, the students need not bring water from their homes. To the relief of many, they have been able to concentrate on getting educated. The water collected through the system is sufficient for more than 450 individuals. Furthermore, the system serves as the best example of a method to solve the water problem crisis the community.


By: Ms. Rosy Singh, Resource Centre Manager (ENPHO)