8th Annual Sharing Program of Paschim Paaila


Paschim Paaila organized its 8th Annual Sharing Program on 6 August, 2017 at ENPHO Hall, New Baneshwor. Annually, Paschim Paaila has been conducting this sharing program to share the progresses made throughout the year. The program included the sharing of annual progress report of the fiscal year 2016/17, announcement of Paaila of the year and first and second runner ups, cake cutting ceremony and special remarks from the guests in the program.


The program was chaired by Ms. Sasmita Poudel, Acting President of Paschim Paaila. Mr. Bipin Dangol, Executive Director of ENPHO, Mr. Bhushan Tuladhar, Regional Technical Advisor South Asia at UN-HABITAT, Mr. Murali Gopal Ranjitkar, Head of Department in Research and Development at National Open College, Ms. Biju Dangol, Team Leader at Oxfam, Mr. Manjeet Dhakal, Climate Analytics and Mr. Giri Raj Khatri, Former President of Paschim Paaila were present as guests during the program.


The program was inaugurated by preparing Jeevan Jaal (Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS)) and drinking the water by the guests. Major activities conducted and achievements made by Paschim Paaila during the fiscal year 2016/17 were then shared. Ms. Anita Bhuju shared and highlighted the activities conducted by Paschim Paaila in making epidemic free Nepal. Furthermore, Ms. Bhuju underlined the tremendous role played by active Paailas in raising awareness on WASH in the community. The Paailas have had actively moved forward in cholera response and preparedness campaigns, orientation on WASH in schools, fund raising events, various trainings and workshops and day celebration events during the fiscal year 2016/17 contributing to make epidemic free Nepal,” Ms. Bhuju said.


Additionally, all the guests congratulated for the completion of glorious eight years. Ms. Biju Dangol suggested the Paschim Paaila to maintain the documentation of work, and encouraged all the youth to work hard to achieve a significant milestone in coming days. Similarly, Mr. Bipin Dangol drew attention on further expanding the network of Paschim Paaila and to move ahead with strategic plannings. Mr. Bhushan Tuladhar congratulated the team for being able to give continuity to the youth movement and also suggested to be more innovative and focus on researches too. Mr. Murali Gopal Ranjitkar further motivated the youth to give continuity to this momentum.


Every year, during its Annual Sharing Program, Paschim Paaila announces the best Paaila of the year. This year, Ms. Pramila Timalsina was declared as Paaila of the year 2017 and Mr. Aashish Maharjan and Ms. Merina Rana Magar were declared as first and second runner up respectively. The program then ended by cutting the ceremonial cake by the guests. Altogether 76 participants attended the program including guests, executive members, former active paailas and members.