COVID – 19 Response: Handwashing Station and Hygiene Material Distributed

Nepal, first reported the COVID – 19 case in April 2020, and the graph of COVID – 19 cases are increasing with time. As of end of 8 November, 2020, Nepal reports 194,453 total confirmed cases of COVID – 19. With this, the spread of COVID – 19 has been rapid and people are at high risk of developing and spreading the disease in the community and increasing public health threats.

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In response to COVID – 19, ENPHO with the support of Oxfam distributed Handwashing station for household level and other hygiene materials such as sanitizer, liquid surface disinfectant, liquid hand wash soap to 1042 households of Mahalaxmi Municipality, Lalitpur district. With an aim to improve prevention and reduction of COVID – 19 infection risk focusing the vulnerable population of the community, handwashing stations at household level and sanitary materials are distributed to the community.

Considering one of the best preventive measures of COVID – 19 is to wash the hands frequently with soap and water, the beneficiary household will now onward focuses on behavior change on handwashing practice adopting Mums’ Magic Hands (MMH) tools in the community.
ENPHO with the support of Oxfam, has been implementing “Hygiene and Behaviour Change Coalition (HBCC) at Mahalaxmi Municipality, Lalitpur. This project focuses on improved prevention and reduction of COVID – 19 infection risk focusing on the most vulnerable regions and populations.