Orientation Program during Flood Response


With the support of UNICEF, ENPHO organized orientation programs on “Emergency WASH Response in Flood Affected Districts”. On 23 August 2017, a team of ENPHO staff and Paschim Paaila volunteers moved to eastern region of Terai to facilitate orientation programs in three severely flood affected districts namely Sarlahi, Rautahat and Mahottari. The team facilitated and provided information on emergency WASH to the local WASH stakeholders and WASH volunteers from local organizations.


Altogether, 96 (30 in Sarlahi, 34 in Rautahat and 32 in Mahottari) local WASH volunteers were oriented on emergency WASH. They were oriented on Point of Use (PoU) options, use of chlorine solution, and the method of preparing 1% chlorine solution to treat water.
Information were provided on importance of use of toilet and handwashing during emergency period. The participants were also provided a bag pack with WASH materials required to conduct an orientation program in the flood affected areas. Division Engineer of Water Supply and Sanitation Division Office (WSSDO) of Mahottari Mr. Debendra Jha said that he found the program very effective as it could support in preventing epidemic from waterborne diseases in the flood affected areas.


Orientation program took place in Sarlahi on 24 August, in Rautahat on 25 August and in Mahottari on 27 August. Participants from more than 20 local organizations including government agencies attended the program.