Toilet Expo- World Toilet Day Celebration


The toilet expo provided a platform to exhibit toilets promoted by ENPHO and those used by individuals from all walks of life in Nepal. Additionally, an orientation, regarding the current status of sanitation and the subsequent jobs created in the sanitation sector was also provided to the individuals visiting the expo. ENPHO with the support of CAWST organized the toilet expo at its office premises, New Baneshwor on 19 November 2016 commemorating the World Toilet Day 2016.


The expo featured a display section with models of toilets promoted by ENPHO along with sanitary ware that are commercially available in the market. The commercially available sanitary ware were provided for the expo by Parryware. The expo highlighted the fact that toilets are an integral part of sanitation system and a wide range of toilets exist spanning a wide market to meet current development demands. Additionally, with the national target for the achievement of 100% sanitation coverage by 2017, demands for toilets and related sanitary-ware have increased. The need of collaboration amongst NGOs, INGOs with the private sectors have been felt in order to create linkages in urban and rural areas to ultimately benefit the total sanitation coverage effort. All experts in the sector agree that the need of sustainable total sanitation would be better met with the advent of a partnership between all sectors; private, governmental, and NGO’s and INGO’s. The expo was an attempt to capitalize on the occasion of World Toilet Day 2016 to create one of the first entry points for the creation of a platform for such cooperation and partnerships. Altogether, 123 individuals including school students, architects, engineers and representatives from various organizations participated in the expo and orientation session.