Resource Center

The Resource Centre collects, stores and disseminates information and uses them to conduct education and advocacy campaigns on environment and public health.

ENPHO Website

Information regarding WASH technologies, our work and projects, awareness campaigns, IEC materials on WASH with other updates on WASH activities are easily available at ENPHO website Also, from this year, the feature to view the sample analysis report has also been placed in homepage of the website. The link enables to view the sample analysis report of the sample given in ENPHO Laboratory for testing.


Publication and IEC Materials

Resource Centre collected, produced and disseminated various publications and IEC materials on WASH and its technologies with an objective of imparting information on WASH to various target audiences. This year, ENPHO published a report as a souvenir of its 25 year journey in WASH. The report highlighting 25 reasons to celebrate 25th anniversary was launched during special ceremony of ENPHO’s Silver Jubilee celebration. Likewise, ENPHO E-Bulletin is published every month which provides the key highlights of various activities conducted by ENPHO including information on our latest research and studies conducted on WASH and environment.



The Resource Centre also manages library where books, reports, journals, research documents related to environment and WASH are catalogued systematically. It also facilitates staffs, scholars, students, and general public to receive required information available in the library.



ENPHO has a bright and airy hall with capacity seating for 50 which can be used for conducting trainings, meetings, workshops etc. The hall is well equipped with projector and sound system. This ENPHO hall is also provided to various organization, network group to conduct programs.



ENPHO has been closely working with relevant stakeholders and individuals to share information coordinate and implement joint activities, research and academic studies related to safe water, sustainable sanitation, health and hygiene promotion and other environmental concerns. ENPHO is the member organization in following different civil societies and technical forums:


  • Member of consortium for DEWATS dissemination (CDD) network (informal network to promote and disseminate Decentralized Basic Needs Services (DBNS) at South Asia
  • Coordinating organizations of NGO Forum for Kathmandu Valley Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Core member in Coalition for Clean Environment (CCE)
  • Technical committee member on Drinking Water Quality and lab issues for NBSM
  • Member for development of National Drinking water Quality Standard
  • Member on Coordination committee Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project, DWSS
  • Technical member District WASH Coordination Committee – Bhaktapur
  • Network member in Resource Center Network Nepal(RCNN)
  • Member of WASH cluster
  • Member of Nepal Water Alliance
  • Member Sustainable Sanitation Alliance(SuSanA)
  • Advisory Board Member, Accelerating City to City Exchange on Sustainable Sanitation (ACCESSanitation)


Advocacy Campaigns

The Resource Centre is involved in various advocacy efforts on pertinent WASH issues via dynamic campaigns, dramas, wall paintings, mass orientations, WASH Forums, research and exhibitions. ENPHO celebrated internationally and nationally recognized days of environmental significance (Global Hand Washing Day, World Toilet Day, World Water Day, Menstrual Hygiene Day, and World Environment Day and National Sanitation Action Week) and organized various exhibitions to raise awareness on WASH.


Paschim Paaila

Paschim Paaila, an informal youth network is striving towards creating epidemic free Nepal since 2009. The youths are actively engaged and dedicated to prepare, respond and mitigate disasters and epidemic through WASH education, awareness, research and advocacy. ENPHO is providing secretariat for Paschim Paaila. In continuation of these efforts, this year too, Paschim Paaila organized various campaigns, WASH Forums including a Youth WASH Concern Workshop.

Paschim Paaila’s involvement is significant in ENPHO’s advocacy work and is highlighted below.


  • Campaign Events (Deusi Vailo, Candle Lighting, WASH Leadership Hiking, WASH Campaign, Water Quality Testing, and Street Drama): The campaigns involved over 140 volunteers and benefited over 5500 individuals.
  • Cholera Outbreak Response: ENPHO mobilized 50 Paschim Paaila volunteers at Bafal for an awareness campaign on 8 July, 2016, reaching 50 households proximal to a cholera incident.
  • School WASH (SWASH): SWASH campaigns were conducted at 11 schools of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur district, for 300 school students. The campaigns involved over 30 volunteers.
  • Menstrual Hygiene Management Survey: A youth survey spanning 101 females and 79 males were carried out by Paschim Paaila volunteers, on the occasion of Menstrual Hygiene Day (28 May, 2016), which revealed that 91% female and all male participants were unaware of Menstrual Hygiene Day.
  • WASH Forum: Paschim Paaila conducted six WASH Forum events pertaining to WASH related issues; emergency response, etc. Collectively, over 200 youths participated in the forums.

List of WASH Forum- interaction programs organized by Paschim Paaila for the FY 2015/16:


SN WASH Forum Topic Resource Person Date No. of Participants
1 “Youth Participation in Mega Earthquake Response Opportunity & Challenges Ahead -Brabin Kumar KC,

President of Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON)

28 Aug., 2015 21
2 “Responding Earthquake on WASH: Experiences UNPLUGGED” -Lee Boudreau,

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)

-Phurba Sange Moktan,


-Buddha Bajracharya, Roshan Chaulagain,


25 Sep., 2015 26
3 “Rural Water Supply Functionality-issues & youth perspectives” -Giri Raj Khatri,

WASH professional

29 Jan., 2016 28
4 “Ground Water issues of Kathmandu Valley: a step towards sustainable management” -Sarita Shrestha,

Research Associate, Centre of Research for Environment, Energy and Water (CREEW)

29 Apr., 2016 51
5 “Menstrual Hygiene Management- Men in Menstruation” -Ankit K Aryal,

Advocacy Officer, ENPHO

27 May, 2016 21
6 Rethink Before you Drink: “Bacteriological Water Quality Assessment of Street food vendors” -Subin Kalu,

Research Associate, ENPHO

24 Jun., 2016 24



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