Advocacy Campaign

ENPHO RC is involved in various advocacy efforts on pertinent WASH issues via dynamic campaigns, dramas, wall paintings, mass orientations, WASH Forums, research, information dissemination and exhibitions. ENPHO avidly celebrated various internationally and nationally recognized days of environmental significance including World Water Day, Global Hand Washing Day, World Toilet Day, World Environment Day, National Sanitation Action Week, etc.


ENPHO Annual Celebrations

  • Global Hand Washing Day (15 October, 2016): ENPHO celebrated the “Global Handwashing Day 2016” by conducting various awareness campaigns on promoting proper handwashing behaviors to the community. Over 70 individuals benefitted from the event organized by ENPHO.
  • World Toilet Day (19 November, 2016): A Toilet Expo was held at ENPHO premises and benefitted over 120 individuals.
  • World Water Day (22 March, 2017): Awareness raising campaign ‘WASH Mela’ was conducted and more than 500 people visited the exhibition stall.
  • Menstrual Hygiene Day (28 May, 2017): An exhibition on home-made and commercial sanitary pad was conducted at the busy public place, Lagankhel. Celebrity Mr. Madan Krishna Shrestha, with other guests wore sanitary pads or cotton cloths for the period of a day to understand few of the difficulties that females experience during menses. The male guests reported to have been further sensitize regarding menstrual issues.
  • World Environment Day and National Sanitation Action Week (5-11 June, 2017): Analysis of water quality of Manohara River was conducted. Annual water quality monitoring is also planned for 2017.

ENPHO’s Collaboration with IMS for the SEEDS Initiative

ENPHO collaborated with Impact Marathon Series (IMS), for Supporting Education and Environmental Development in Schools (SEEDS) Initiative – a self-initiative project of ENPHO. The SEEDS Initiative envisions the adoption of public and/or community schools – initially focusing on the WASH facilities and ultimately developing the selected schools into exemplary models in terms of education and environment via hardware and software interventions, primarily under the school-lead paradigm.

After the thorough WASH extensive school assessment, Shree Shreekhandapur Secondary School, Dhulikhel, Kavre has been selected as the first school for SEEDS Initiative implementation. Altogether, 346 student, teachers and staff members are benefitted through improved WASH facilities at school.


Learning and Sharing Friday (LSF): Professional and Personal Growth at ENPHO

ENPHO provides multiple opportunities for professional and personal growth for any and all staff members. One of the opportunities is Learning and Sharing Friday (LSF), which are a capacity building, information sharing, and professional and personal development sessions. The LSF sessions are a platform for staff members for sharing respective expertise with the entire ENPHO family. Till date 36 LSF sessions has been successfully conducted.