ENPHO closely worked with relevant stakeholders and interested individuals to share information coordinate and implement joint activities, research and academic studies related to safe water, sustainable sanitation, health and hygiene promotion and other environmental concerns. Also, ENPHO is member organization in following different civil society and technical forum:


  • Member of Consortium for DEWATS dissemination (CDD) network (informal network to promote and disseminate Decentralized Basic Needs Services, DBNS, at South Asia
  • Coordinating organization of NGO Forum for Kathmandu Valley Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Core member in Coalition for Clean Environment (CCE)
  • Sub-committee member of National Steering Committee on Arsenic for preparation of IEC materials on arsenic
  • Sub-committee member of National Steering Committee for preparation of Interim National Policy on Arsenic in drinking water
  • Technical committee member on Drinking Water Quality for NBSM
  • Member of expert group for preparation of arsenic testing protocol formulation – NAST/National Arsenic Steering Committee
  • Technical committee member for different environmental quality and lab issues for NBSM
  • Member for development of Drinking Water Quality Standard, DWSS
  • Member on coordination committee Small Town Water Supply & Sanitation Project, DWSS
  • Network member in Resource Centre Network Nepal (RCNN)
  • Member of WASH cluster
  • Advisory Board Member, Accelerating City to City Exchange on Sustainable Sanitation (ACCESSanitation)
  • Technical member District WASH Coordination Committee – Bhaktapur