Delivery of Trainings

Effective training delivery is one of the core functions of this unit. The trainings are delivered either as per the plan of the unit or demand from other WASH implementing organizations. On-demand trainings are gradually increasing. The demand for WASH trainings drastically increased in the year 2015 as due to the mega earthquake, many organizations implemented WASH programs in the earthquake affected areas.

The trainings delivered in the last five years have been depicted in the graph below:



Out of 148 training events organized, 60% percent are on-demand. Till date, ENPHO Training Centre has trained 3,169 WASH professionals (1,306 female and 1, 865 male) from 685 NGOs and CBOs, 279 government offices and institutions, 17 INGOs and 4 UN agencies.


The organizations which have received support through ENPHO Training Centre are: