Development of Training Packages/Modules

ENPHO Training Centre develops various training packages and modules on WASH and WASH Plus based on the need and demand from WASH implementing organizations.

  • Training packages developed till date:
SN Training Package Developed Year Revised Year Training Outline Remarks
1 Biosand Filter Project Implementation (BSF PI)  – 1479220562_pdf Adapted
from CAWST
2 Biosand Filter Construction for Technician (BSF TECH)  – Workshop-Outline_BSF-for-Tech Adapted
from CAWST
3 Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTSS)  2013 Workshop-Outline_HWTS Adapted
from CAWST
4 Water Quality Testing (WQT)  – 1479220562_pdf
5 Operation and Management of Water Supply Scheme (OMWSS)  2016  1479220562_pdf
6 Emergency WASH for Volunteers (E-WASH)  2015 Workshop-Outline_E-WASH
7 WASH for Recovery (WASH-R)  2016 1479220562_pdf
8 Sensitization Tools for Total Sanitation (STTS)  2016 1479220562_pdf
9 One day package on WASH for community people  2015 1479220562_pdf
10 Roof Top Farming (RTF)  2014  1479220562_pdf
11 Intro to WASH  2014  1479220562_pdf
12 Community Health Promotion (CHP)  2013  2014 1479220562_pdf
13 Delivering Effective WASH Training (DEWT) 2015 1479220562_pdf
14 Menstrual Hygiene Managemet (MHM) 2016 1479220562_pdf
15 Total Sanitation (SWASTHA Approach) 2016 1479220562_pdf
16 WASH and Nutrition 2016 1479220562_pdf
17 Community WASH Promotion 2017 1479220562_pdf
18 Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply Schemes 2017 1479220562_pdf


  • Training packages in the process of development:

ENPHO Training Centre is in the process of development of following training packages:

  • WASH and Nutrition
  • Gender and WASH
  • EcoSan construction