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Integrating NS-ISO 24521 Certified Guidelines into FSM By Laws to Ensure City Wide Inclusive Sanitation Services: The Nepal Story

When you flush your toilet, where does it go? Wastewater from 30%[1] urban homes is whisked away by sewer network which could be either connected to a treatment plant or discharging untreated wastewater. Sludge from septic tank owners – 70% urban homes – is dumped randomly into nearby water bodies or marginal lands without any treatment with severe public health and environmental consequences. Safe water and sanitation services are accorded as a fundamental human right in the Constitution of Nepal (2015).

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International Women’s Day: Srijana Karki

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we honor and appreciate the women alongside whom we have the pleasure of working. At the front of classrooms, workshops, boardrooms, and movements, women are powerful agents of change. They are leaders in accelerating gender equality in WASH and the world.

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List of upcoming Webinars and Orientations

Posted on November 4, 2020

ENPHO Training Centre is organizing different webinars and online orientation sessions on various topics related to WASH using the zoom platform.

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COVID – 19 Response: Handwashing Station and Hygiene Material Distributed

Posted on November 9, 2020

Nepal, first reported the COVID – 19 case in April 2020, and the graph of COVID – 19 cases are increasing with time. As of end of 8 November, 2020, Nepal reports 194,453 total confirmed cases of COVID – 19. With this, the spread of COVID – 19 has been rapid and people are at high risk of developing and spreading the disease in the community and increasing public health threats.

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Construction of Waste Collection Unit at Bajrabarahi Chapagaun Hospital

Posted on November 5, 2020

The practice of mixing medical waste with other solid waste can be an issue of safety for sanitation service providers during collection and local surrounding by having higher health risk. This can be a common way of not having safe collection and management of various types of waste generated from a health facility. Similar type of improper solid and medical waste management is an issue with the Bajrabarahi Chapagaun hospital.

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