Unofficial Blockade Spreads Cheer in Ishwore Guro’s Family


Kachade village of Bara district, Nijghad VDC (currently Nijghad Municipality), ward no. 4, located three kilometers away from the East-West Highway and adjoining the northern dam at Bakaiya River, comprises of about 238 households with, predominantly, Tharu (Kachhade) residents. After experiencing about 6 months of India’s unofficial blockade causing difficulties in cooking gas imports, currently 145 households have constructed biogas attached toilets.

Furthermore, even those who had constructed single pit latrines in the past, having understood the significance of Biogas Plants have rapidly constructed toilets with Biogas Plants and the number is on the rise on a daily basis. A prominent social workers, Mr. Ishwore Guro and his wife Ms. Paltaniya Devi Guro, after having extensively discussed the past difficulties of not having constructed toilets and considering shortage of cooking fuel, currently express their relief on having constructed a toilet attached with a 6 meter square Biogas Plant to provide for the cooking requirements of their 10 person family.
The construction of biogas attached toilets has proved to be very beneficial for the household members, particularly the housewives are elated as this has made toilet use (for the elderly, sickly and children) easy and concurrently beneficial due to gas production for cooking.